Customer Testemonials

I cannot say enough good things Long Distance Van Lines movers was referred to me by a friend. And they more than lived up to the high praises my friend gave them. I used them for an interstate move from NY to FL and truly, cannot explain how professional, fast, careful, punctual and nice these guys were. They handled a very tough wrapping or moving with lots of patience and a long drive with ease and I didn't have to move a finger. Their sales guy always answered the phones leading up to the move was helpful and responsive, and just got it done! None of my very valuable items were damaged or marked or even the slightest ding. I cannot recommend these wonderful guys enough. Thank you guys!!!The moving team who picked up and delivered my items was extremely nice and professional. My items were picked up on a Saturday and delivered on the following Monday afternoon. I was notified beforehand when my things would be picked up and delivered and my schedule and availability was definitely considered. There was no hidden fee and all of my furniture was delivered without a scratch. I would definitely recommend Long Distance Van Lines to friends and will be sure to use them again!

Kind regards,

Pamela well


I am not a guy who often writes reviews. But after experiencing the best possible moving services from Long Distance Van Lines , I have decided to write this review for them. I have moved to Greenville, SC from Rockville, MD with them. I assigned Long Distance Van Lines to do the packing, moving and also to setup my house in Glasgow. They were flawless from the start to finish and very punctual, friendly, courteous and kind to me pets. These guys planned the move to the perfection and executed all the maneuvers perfectly and with ease, never complained that they had to use the stairways, accommodated the last minute changes we made and kept the price within the estimated amount. Apart from a broken glass, I couldn't find a mistake by these movers. So, I am recommending Long Distance Van Lines for the best moving services.



Greenville, SC


A reliable company like Long Distance Van Lines was what my family needed when we had to move from Connecticut to New York this July . In one day our belongings were transferred to our new address. There wasn't a single damaged item and we are all very satisfied with their job. I believe that their low prices are pretty popular by now, because I got two recommendations from a co-worker and my neighbor.

Jamie Clare
Manhattan, NY


I was very satisfied with Long Distance Van Lines I used them for my move last week. They were able to accommodate different pick up and drop off days, allowing me to store my things at their facility for a week prior to delivery. The pick-up movers showed up within the quoted time-window & were professional & helpful. I love the all-inclusive flat price for gas, storage, wardrobe boxes, tape, blankets, wrap & the whole deal! I had the items dropped off to my new place in San Diego the next weekend. They were so friendly and courteous, unpacking everything very quickly and even helping me to rearrange my furnishings! I would 100% recommend this moving company to anyone looking for a quality service at a fair price.

Jill Harris

Sandiego, CA


I had to delay my moving from Virginia to FL at least three times because of poor organized companies until I found Long Distance Van Lines . They showed respect, reliability and offered me a price that was all right for me. In the end, I hired them and I got moved in twelve business days in the best possible way. I have no complaints!

Evan R.
Tampa, FL


As professional and smooth as you can possibly image. They came in and just nailed it on all levels. It was an awesome experience; they were so hardworking, very nice and really funny too. I will use them again and refer them to all my friends and family because they truly are the best movers I have ever used and I move a lot. I have already recommended them to 2 friends. They also came under the estimate...that was a bonus! Make sure to tip them well...they deserve it!!! :)

Thanks Again,

Khadeja Dickey
Marietta, GA


I really do not have the time to go around a post reviews on any experience but, this company deserve it. I am very worried about moving companies because, of all the horrible things that are online about stuff going missing and hostage, Who knew that people were actually holding items as hostage situations (haha) seriously insane.. Well, I went on online and just started doing research based off the list of companies that movers reviews has and the things that I have found crazy. Anyway, as I was making my way through the list I came across Long Distance Van Lines and I knew them because a friend of mine moved last summer with them from CA- WA and he had an outstanding move. I phoned spoke with one of the Sales rep very polite and walked me through the whole process with out missing a beat we had to be on the phone for more then 2 hours I haven't been on the phone that long since my high school years so it was hard but, i got through it and it was well worth it. I booked that same day well being on the phone that long I owed it to her she was very patient and she answered all my questions in detail not your standard " yes we offer" okay and... well, needless to say the move went spectacular and the guys freaking awesome. I will yell from the highest mountain but there really isn't any but, I will write MY EXPERIENCE every where for this company they are the BEST OUT THERE!!!

Jessica Flyn
Jersey City


They were efficient and took such great care moving all of my belongings it was like they were moving their mom's house. They paid total attention to what they were doing, making sure not to damage my stuff, the walls of the apartment I was moving out of, and the property that I was moving into. All said and done - packing, loading, driving, and unloading - they were done with my two bedroom apartment in four hours. Their rates are very competitive but for this kind of service, I'd have gladly paid twice the asking rate.

Greg Balashov

Los Angeles, CA

Great Company. On time. Very professional. Quoted properly. Returned all Emails and All calls. Paid exactly what was quoted. Moved and packed everything professionally.

Only issue was that they ran out of boxes half way through the move, I believe they should have stopped to get supplies before picking me up but other than that.

Warmest Regards,

Natalie O


Just a little "thank you" won't be enough for Long Distance Van Lines after what they for us. We called them last minute when the other mover decided not to show up. They moved us from FL to Colorado in just 24 hrs notice and guess what? These guys did a superb job for us. They have managed all the delicate and fragile items effortlessly, the piano and the even the pool table was moved without any dent or any mishaps and their price was better than the other company! Simply amazing performance by these guys. I am surely going o recommend you to everyone I know.

Ernest Sutter

Vail, Colorado


I did not even feel that we are in the middle of a move. Yesterday we moved to a new apartment leaving the old one behind. There were many things and some were very heavy, some were fragile and some were super sensitive. Movers did a great job to pack, move and store everything at the new place. They gave their best effort to make sure that everything remains in perfect order. I was expecting a lot from them because of the reviews that I saw before but they actually deliver more than what I was looking for. I thank the movers and their sales person for a wonderful deal and an outstanding service.


Tenisha Goud


I hired them just because of the recommendation of my parents. Now I am thankful for recommending for my moving. Movers from Long Distance Van lines were so professional and skilled that they just did everything effortlessly. I loved their service. I would say that they were doing it effortlessly.

Marible Cheng
New Mexico


This was by far the best and smoothest moves I've ever had. priced competitively but you can't put a price on honesty and amazing service. Very fast, very nice, very competent movers. They went out of their way to go the extra mile and make sure that everything was handled well. Communication was strong throughout and the movers did an excellent job. I recommend them for your move.

Best Regards,

Joel Murphy



I am a man of few words. All I have to say about long distance – they are the best in the business. I had the most matured and professional movers of the town and they know how to satisfy their clients. They were just amazing during my move and the movers were really very friendly and helpful. I have saved some money because of their tips and suggestions, which was really nice of them. I am recommending this company.

Laura R.

I moved from Idaho to Indiana, so its a long way away. The driver kept me informed if anything was stopping him for making it on time or just updating me on where he was on the road. When my things arrived it came just as I left it. Nothing was missing and everything looked like it was never moved. I would personally like to thank you for employing such a great, professional, polite guys from Long distance van Lines !

Tom Parker





Dear.Long Distance Van Lines

This goes out to you, thank you for what I consider exceptional service from beginning to end, you guys were great. I appreciated your hardwork and how careful you were with our furniture.
Your promptess and communication was very effective and what made me decide to write this thank you review.

The price you offered me on a last minute move helped me out tremendously and the fact that you honored your price throughout will not easily be forgotten especially in the situation I was in.

I simply can not thank you guys enough and I know that this review will soon be buried by other great reviews do to the outstanding job you guys do, I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to your team.

You helped a veteran of war which needed help and for that I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. I do not know what I would have done with out your help.

God Bless!




I was needing a miracle and Long Distance Van lines had contacted me at the right time.

Here is my story...

I tried doing this move UHAUL when I realized that every 50 miles my gas tank was running low, The truck had a gas leak. I had spent over 900 dollars in fuel. Needless to say the truck broke down and UHAUL had to come and tow it. Uhaul said that I rented the truck for an IN STATE move when I was very clear to the sales rep that I needed it to move to PA. Anyway, it was simply a horrible experience util you guys contacted me and basically saved me from another disaster.

He had his crew meet me at the storage unit and load everything, I only had to pay a deposit and the final balanced I paid in PA. This helped me out a lot because I didn't have the money to pay for the move because I was in GA.

I am now in PA and received my items yesterday, everything is in great condition and I am back home. This is an excellent moving company. I do not plan on moving for a while but if I have to I will Long Distance Van lines, I will also recommend all my friends and family here on out to use this moving company. They were so easy to work with and I would not know what i would have done If you guys had not contacted me, thank you!

I wish you guys all the best.


Douglas Rowley






Reserved with Long Distance Van Lines out after doing some through research. Company seemed well put together. I like everything the representative had to say, I read these same reviews and now I find myself writing one.

I think its great how there are still some companies that take pride in their work. took care of us on this move in several ways. The most important way was that our truck had been delayed due to what I believe was another person changing their dates. We were notified and we were ok with it.

I decided to write this review because it was very touching to see that companies still do care, I have hear horror stories and I wanted to give this company credit for stepping up and taking care of us, Thank you Long Distance Van Lines .


Again thank you,

God bless.

Robert Weaver



I am very happy with Long Distance Van Line. I worked with other many big companies never had my delievery on time they were one of the best experiences I had.

I recommended them to my friend and she was happy too.

I was moving my apartment and had many expensive dishes they packed for me, moved it and it was like I packed everything myself.

They were not inexpensive but you do want your stuff to be in good hands. I paid around $3500 dollars for everything and was worth every penny.


Mark Bernha



I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my move, it was a stellar experience, you were totally professional and I just wanted to thank you for your time and monitoring everything for me ensuring everything would turn out ok!

Thank you,

Vanessa Tammik